Our mission

Northern Nutrients Netherlands was founded in 2016 with the mission of bringing new innovation to the agriculture market. In 2018 the Canadian based company Northern Nutrients Ltd. began operations with an increased focus on creating our own proprietary solutions. Our focus areas revolve around soil and plant health, water and nutrient management, and grain logistics. All with an aim at increasing yields and improving farmer profitability. Northern Nutrients is an international company with offices in the Netherlands and Canada, and local distributors and agents in other regions providing the company with a global presence.
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Magnetar All Out Seed, Soil, and Foliar Nutrition

The Magnetar product line combines high tech potassium humates with macro and micro nutrients, biostimulants to form an industry leading product line Magnetar is available for application as a seed treatment, mixture with liquid starter fertilizers, as well as foliar version. Click the icon for more info

Amino Acid Chelated Nitrogen + Micro Starters and Foliars

We offer a full line of Amino acid chelated soil and foliar fertilizers. Nitrogen + Boron…………. Nitrogen + Zinc……………. Nitrogen + Calcium & Magnesium Custom formulations available as well including Copper, Iron and Manganese

Magnetar H20 PH & Water Conditioner

Color change indicates when optimal water PH has been acheived, enhancing the uptake of nutrients

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Super S Sulphur + urea 11-0-0-75

Super S 11-0-0-75 utilizes Shell Thiogro technology to produce a unique fertilizer in which micronized elemental Sulphur is evenly dispensed in urea in one granule. The unique formulation of Super S offers a plant-available Sulphur formulation that is able to meet the crops immediate and season-long needs. Click the icon for more info.

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Video of the Super S

Click the icon for a video of the Super S.

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Where to buy Super S

Super S is available in bulk and 1200kg bags in select locations. For more info contact our head office @ 306-244-2006 for info on distributors in your area or more technical informaiton. You can also email canada@northernnutrients.com Click the icon for Super S unloading Nov 4th/2019

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Super S Solubility compared to Sulphur Bentonite

click for the video

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Triple Kick Nitrogen Stabilizer

Triple Kick is a N stabilizer intended for use with Urea and UAN and provides protection against 3 forms of nitrogen loss, volatilization, leaching & denitrification. Triple Kick is non sticky with a low application rate. Click for for more info

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Lockdown Nitrogen Stabilizer

Lockdown is a N stabilizer for use on NH3, Urea & UAN that provides protection against leaching and denitrification.

Micro Coatings

Micronutrient and humate coatings designed to improve P availability for Urea and 11-52 MAP

On Farm Fertilizer Coating

Coming in 2020 the option for custom on farm fertilizer impregnation through Northern Nutrients

Allin1 Starter Fertilizer

Allin1+ Super S

Sulphur Bentonite 90% S

Northern Nutrients is one of the largest distributors of Sulphur bentonite in the EU. Sulphur bentonite is an excellent soil conditioner for high PH soils or a source of Sulphur. Organic certified product also available.

Technical Ammonium Nitrate

Northern Nutrients Netherlands is a distribitor of vessel quantities of technical grade ammonium nitrate. Contact us for information: info@northernnutrients.com

Research and Development- Grain Transport

Coming in 2020

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Data Farming

DataFarming delivers an easy to use, cloud-based platform to help farmers and agronomists grow smarter and to gain unique spatial insights. Click for more info.

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Laserag Tissue and Soil Analysis

LaserAg-Quantum is the first machine using Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy specifically designed and calibrated to analyze agricultural soil and plant tissue samples. Click the icon for more info


Northern Nutrients will begin trials in Canada and the EU in 2019 with a new seed row placed product designed to catch and release water to provide water for the plant through out the growing season. Email us for more info or if interested in a trial: info@northernnutrients.com

Go to Red Deer Agritrade 2019

Red Deer Agritrade 2019

Nov 6th-8th, Booth #438

Go to Neil Mckinsey Soil Health Clinic

Neil Mckinsey Soil Health Clinic

Keltech Ag is presenting a unique clinc in Regina, SK on the interaction of soil minerals, including excessive & deficient and how they relate to disease, pest problems, moisture retention and compaction. Click for more info.

Go to Commoditiy Classic San Antonio

Commoditiy Classic San Antonio

Feb 27th-29th Join us as we will be exhibiting at Commodity classic 2020 in San Antonio Texas

October & November 2019- Farmer meetings

Regina Swift Current Saskatoon Lethbridge Calgary Edmonton & More

Crop Production Show 2020-Saskatoon, SK Jan 15th 2PM


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International with a local focus
  • #720 45th Street West, Saskatoon, Sk, Canada P:1-306-244-2006 email: canada@northernnutrients.com

  • Box 260 Turtleford, Sk, Canada S0M2Y0 P:1-306-248-7273

  • Coming in 2020

  • Ankermidplein 2, Zaandam Netherlands 1506CK email ross@northernnutrients.com

Our Team

Ross Guenther

Founder ross@northernnutrients.com Canada #: 1-306-914-2699…. Office #: 1-305-809-7185……. Dutch Office: Ankersmidplein 2, Zaandam Netherlands

Roger Watts

Head of innovation Roger@northernnutrients.com Regina, SK based

Mike Newlove

Director of Sales and Business Devlopment P#:1-306-242-2006 E:mike@northernnutrients.com Saskatoon office: #702, 45th Street, Saskatoon, Sk

Dan Webster

Technical Support: Magnetar, AllinOne Starter Fertilizer

Pat Guenther

Human resources, & AR & AP. Phone: 1-306-248-7273

Gilles Gorieu

Sales Saskatchewan Region Phone#:1306-260-1010……….. Saskatoon office: 702, 45th Street

Arslan Sipka

Sales Manager Turkey